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CEO Message

Slow economic growth and low IPO and M&A volumes - will cause investors to seek private equity exits through the secondary market

Since 1998, our goal at NYPPEX has been to help alternative asset investors manage risk and provide efficient access to the secondary private markets in a fair and ethical manner.

Today, the NYPPEX Private Transaction Platform™ is utilized by numerous global financial firms, institutions and advisors to access liquidity in the global secondary private equity markets.

NYPPEX has provided over $8 billion in secondary private equity liquidity to investors in 26 countries for (a) interests in private funds (e.g. buyout, venture, natural resources, real estate, hedge funds etc.), (b) unregistered securities in private companies and (c) their respective derivative instruments.

Our culture is a vital part of the NYPPEX approach that revolves around teamwork, innovation and results. This is one reason why many organizations have chosen NYPPEX as their trusted secondary advisor for several years or more.

Over the coming years, we believe that new regulations, reduced government stimulus and the need to realize value in older "tail end” funds (i.e. 9 years and older) will cause investors to reduce costs and generate superior risk-adjusted returns in alternative assets.

As a result, we expect significantly higher secondary transaction volumes in private equity.

NYPPEX can help clients adapt to these changing market conditions.

Our integrated secondary market services – Transfer Administration (including Qualified Matching Services under IRS Code 1.7704), Trading, Portfolio Advisory and Portfolio Pricing provide clients with an unmatched opportunity to manage risk, control costs, and achieve superior results.

However, what matters most - is that the NYPPEX brand always stand for trust and credibility to our valued clients worldwide.


Laurence G. Allen